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We understand that there are circumstances in which you need some extra support.

There may be a disciplinary process that you don’t want to get involved in or you need an independent person to hear an appeal.

We have teamed up with specialist HR consultants to be able to provide this additional service to you.

                         Our HR Consultants are:                                                                             They will:                         

                                           – Experienced;                                                                                                                – Conduct hearings for you;

                                              – Qualified;                                                                                                                      – Prepare their findings;

                                       – Solutions focused;                                                                                                       – Interview your staff/witnesses;

   – Selected based on their skills matching your requirements.                                                  – Ensure compliance with all required processes.

Looking for a ‘Proactive’ HR Consultant?

Hourly rates start from just £75 plus VAT